What is in our Soils
We offer three types of soil mixes that we make in house to suit a multiple of needs.  

Garden Blend is a great all purpose Soil to plant trees, gardens, annuals and perenials.  It consits of equal parts of Mushroom Compost, Composted Bark and Sand.  $38/Yd

Pro-Blend is a great soil to start lawns in and gardens for more drainage.  It is made of Peat Moss, Sand, Mushroom Compost, Compsted Bark and Pumice.  $44/yd

Container Mix is used for any type of container gardeing.  This is a soil that contains everything includeing fertilizer.  This soil is Made of Peat Moss, Sand, Mushroom compost, composted Bark, Pumice, Lime and Fertilizer.  $50/yd

We also offer mixing services if you wish to have us make you a custom soil blend.  Please Call for Quotes for this service 503-357-6730.