Large River Rock Boulders $.07 per pound
Garden Blend Soil; three way blend containing mushroom compost, Brown Sand, and composted bark. $38 for one yard
Close Up Garden Blend Soil $19 per half yard or $34 per one yard
Garden Sand (Brown Sand) $32.00 yard
Hogg Fuel used for mudd control $22 per one yard
Close up Hogg Fuel $22.00 per one yard
Medium Fir Bark $26 per yard
Red Hemlock Bark $34 per one yard.  This bark contains less splinters than fir bark.
Close up of Red Hemlock Bark.  Less Splinters than fir bark.  $34 per one yard
Sandy loam Soil  $32 per one yard
Dry Sawdust great for horse bedding $20 per one yard
Close up of dry Sawdust $20 per one yard